Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Lakeland Storm Effects

Tropical storms and hurricanes are once again becoming more the norm rather than the exception. SERVPRO recommends to Lakeland homeowners to call us to set up a... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Bartow Home

Storm damage struck this Bartow home when a set of sliding glass doors was broken by flying debris caused by winds of a severe thunderstorm. Gallons of rainwate... READ MORE

Highland City Storm Damage

The visible damage to this Highland City home resulted from stormy weather that drenched the attic and ceiling with a deluge of water. The sagging overhead lath... READ MORE

Highland City Storm Damage

This wing of a home in Highland City was flooded from rainwater that did not properly drain away from home because of poor grading. We recommended to the homeow... READ MORE

Bartow Storm Water

The water rolled in from a broken picture window in the bedroom and soaked the carpet with relatively clean rain water. The Bartow homeowner requested that we s... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Bartow Office Building

Storm damage to this Bartow office building created severe flooding on the upper floor of the building. SERVPRO was called in during the storm to attempt to pla... READ MORE